RadPad iOS

Product design, interaction design

When we shipped the first version of RadPad for iOS in 2012, it helped renters browse apartments by photos for the first time ever.

Now RadPad lets you message landlords, pay your rent, and see where your friends are moving.

“Los Angeles-based startup RadPad has been quietly building a name for itself in the Chicago rental market."

“Apple is bullish on RadPad — it actually took the startup to its Cupertino headquarters ahead of the official Apple Pay launch to show them what they were up to."

“To use the app is also to wonder what would happen if the apartment seeker mistakenly signed up for a dating app."

Getting the place you want

You find a place you really, really like. You’ve been searching for weeks and this is the first place you’re convinced could feel like home. So you reach out to the landlord immediately with your contact info, and then you cross your fingers and wait.

By the time you’ve left a voicemail, 24 other renters have already contacted the landlord. They don’t have time to sift through 25 renters so they pick the first 10 and ignore the rest. But they are potentially missing out on getting the best renters fit for their pad.

We set out to fix that.

On RadPad you can apply instantly and send the landlord all the important pieces of information about you they need to make a quick decision. Your renter profile which includes a TransUnion credit report, and your rental & job history - making the job 10x easier for landlords to identify great renters like you amidst all the noise. We also show your on-time rent payments so your RadPad profile becomes more accurate than a simple FICO score that may not accurately reflect your ability to make payments.